Businesses Benefitting from the Changing Role of Public Relations

PR is all about churning press releases- Sadly, many companies are plagued with this misconception that has not only undermined what they strive for in PR but has also dampened their chances of reaping its benefits. There is a strong need to take an introspective look at how the public relations industry operates before jumping to conclusions like- ‘My business doesn’t need PR’. A well-rounded PR strategy helps in identification of the most effective non-news resources to reach target audiences and tap them.

Merging Old School and New Media

As the internet has become omnipotent in today’s fast paced world, digital marketing tactics such as social media and SEO are also being incorporated to PR in order to help clients make the move to the new media landscape. Traditional PR efforts such as brand awareness, media coverage and reputation management are being combined with latest marketing tools to transform news into engaging, unique content and keep the target audiences hooked to a certain brand.

For instance, when PR and SEO are combined, content about a particular brand gets higher rankings in search engines, driving more traffic to the business. Companies that fail to utilize the combination of these services are usually left behind in competition.

Today, almost every media organization, communication professional, marketing expert and brand manager swears by the benefits of implementing PR tactics with advertising to achieve maximum results. This has led a growth in demand for PR experts who are capable of doing strategic planning based on research, establish digital footprint of your brand across different channels, create campaigns to increase the brand visibility, monitor social channels and engage in social media and create content that initiates positive discussions about your business and so on.

graphic_blog_1Businesses across the globe are obtaining stellar results through expert marketing consultation, concrete media planning and powerful marketing strategy. They are not only coming to PR firms for effective earned media coverage in broadcast outlets and traditional print but also for digital PR.

“PR is performance recognition” – Douglas Smith

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