No Conversions? Are You Getting Social Media Right?

Every second company is trying to get conversions from social media campaigns but are they implementing the right strategies to achieve and measure results? A company can promote its business on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and also build a decent following in each channel but is this enough to get traffic and generate leads?

When implemented in the right manner, social media can be an important tool in lead generation. However, the key to success lies in knowing that this process takes time and a lot of testing. Don’t expect conversions to start rolling in by merely tweeting a new promo code or posting a new blog.

So, how to drive traffic and conversions from social media strategies?

Keywords- the Magic Key to Conversions

Using high conversion keywords is important because certain keywords can generate more consumer engagement than others. By using them in social media updates, companies can enhance the visibility of their pages and the effectiveness of their posts.

Ever Taken Hashtags Seriously?

Another effective strategy is to make smart use of hashtags. Hashtags have the power to increase social reach of a brand. For instance, if a company creates its own hashtag, it can own and direct the conversation on social media platforms. It also enables the company to encourage consumers to create and share content so that it gets more eyeballs. Hashtags can be quite powerful but you need to know how to use them on different media platforms.

Planning Strategies According to Media Channels

Everything needs to be carefully planned and placed according to the requirements of different social media channels because when you post something, you set expectations for the visitors. To ensure that the expectations are met, your business will have to work hard on content, visuals, keywords and everything that is posted on social media platforms. An attractive landing page will also become a necessity and it will have to be unique to your social marketing campaign.

Why Expertise Matters?

Companies need to build trust through their social media campaigns. But is it enough to know the keywords and incorporate them in your content? No amount of keywords or hashtags will work if you don’t offer clickable content that not only promises value to consumers but also fulfills it.

To improve social media conversions, many companies have been relying on the expertise of reputed marketing agencies that have a professional team of social media strategists. From knowing how and where to use high conversion keywords to making the best use of content marketing for each platform, their strategists make structural and visual changes to the company’s pages and website. They have the required experience in creating a sustainable stream of social media traffic for any type of business.

There is a lot involved in driving conversions and traffic from social media campaigns. From tweaking posts to choosing the right visuals and keywords, it is necessary to be updated with social media trends to achieve as well as measure the results.

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